Building a Apache (Metal Earth Collection)

Metal Earth: AH-64 Apache

Level Rating: BuildBuildBuild (Hard)

Time: ~3-4 hours


This kit comes with two stainless steel laser cut sheets containing all the required parts for the build.  As with other 3D models it is useful to have a pair of tweezers or long nose pliers. The manufacturers suggest the use of clippers to remove the parts; however I find for parts that are only attached at two points are quite easily removed from the sheets just by pushing the part back and forth.

First part of the build. The rotor blades.
The body of the Apache.

When making the ‘arms’ of the apache the instructions refer to the wrong missile part, it may be useful just to make both missile parts and match them up to the ‘arms’.


The completed Apache, with the extra bit in the front missing.

There is a great level of detail in the build, from the seats to the rotor blades that can actually rotate. Many of the cylindrical pieces require a fair amount of patience to ensure that they are circular. As you can see we managed to detach the little cylindrical part in the front during our build.

Overall the build process was enjoyable, but does require a good amount of concentration. What model builds do you suggest us do? Until next time~

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