Building the Golden Gate Bridge (Metal Earth)

Metal Earth: San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Level Rating: Build (Easy)

Time: ~45mins – 1 hour

IMG_2300This kit comes with one stainless steel laser cut sheet containing all the required parts for the build.  We used a long nose pliers as shown in the previous post for the 3D Apache.


Side profile of the two towers

The hardest part was holding the road and the sides cables of the bridge together while you tighten the side tabs down with your pliers, once you have the side of the tower attached to the pieces it become more stable and can stand on its own. You should check that the printed design side is facing the road (as shown in the side profile picture). Later on you will attach two sides of the tower together hiding the smooth unprinted side.

The completed bridge.

Nice simple model building, easy to complete in one sitting. Up-coming post on old models we have completed. Let us know of any suggestions for future building. Until next time!

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