Things we take for granted: Drinkable water

Living in New Zealand, something we probably take for granted is the availability of drinkable water.

On my recent trip to the USA, I noticed the amount of bottled water people go through. They buy drinking water and drink from plastic bottles from day-to-day, everyone has fridges with water filters (something that is not essential in New Zealand). In Asia, it is common practice to boil and cool water and store this as drinking water, buying bottled water is also fairly prevalent.

At home in New Zealand it is habit for us to turn on the tap and have clean drinking water available to us, whenever we travel overseas we have to consciously remind ourselves that we can’t drink tap water. Perhaps our daily habits, and lack of knowledge of our new surrounds means that we become more prone to sickness while travelling.

We should be grateful for this convenience in our lives. What else are you grateful for?


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