======Entertainment book======

It’s that time of the year again! Early bird release of the entertainment book is out, and when you order now there’s bonus offers given to you additionally.

We have in the past 3 years bought entertainment books and have found it to be great to save money as well as have a bit of enjoyment. We use it often when we are out having dinner together as many of their offers are buy one get one frees. Even if your just out there to get coffee at your regular coffee shop you can take advantage of the deals. There are offers for dining, attraction entries and even hotel deals. You have until 1st June 2016 to use the deals, and you will find if you use it day to day you can get your $65 back very quickly.

Supporting entertainment books also mean you help your community fundraising, each book gives $13 to the organisation of your choice. This could be through schools, non-profit organisations etc and cannot be bought directly through entertainment books. Last year they started a digital membership which I found very handy, in the past we had the books and would always forget to use our vouchers and would only realise a few days after we had already gone to a particular place. This also left us with big books of unused vouchers at the end of the year (fun for the little ones to play with). Now that it’s available on your phone, meaning you and your family can all access it and are more likely to use your vouchers. (Up to 5 family members can have it on their phone and log-in as needed to use the vouchers)

I should add a side note though, 3 years ago when we first bought the books they were really great in getting deals, however with the introduction of grabone websites sometimes you need to do a bit of comparing around if you want an amazing deal. Though using the entertainment book means you are not too restricted on when you have to use it and what you have to use it for.

I thoroughly recommend buying this, go out and support your neighbourhood community groups! Whomever you want!

If you were wanting to know, we buy ours through the Burns unit here.

We buy the Auckland version but of course it is available in areas all over Australia and New Zealand.

Any other good deals out there to explore and try? Who did you support?


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