Tips for getting clearer skin

Everyone’s been there when their skin is making them frustrated.

You will have to look into the mirror and saw imperfections and started to pick at the pimples and leading to more problems.

About two years ago I became fed up and wanted to take action to improve my skin.

I went to The Body Shop and bought their tea tree skin clearing foaming cleanser and their tea tree toner; in conjunction with the aqua peeling, and daily application of Biore UV aqua sunscreen.



The aqua peeling I felt was quite important in my routine as my skin has poor cell turn over and the dead layers of the skin often clogs up pores, I didn’t like using the beaded exfoliators and found them too rough. I don’t know if you can still buy this particular product anymore but there are plenty of alternatives like the famous Cure natural aqua gel or the UGB peeling gel. Many asian brands have something along these lines, Cure and UGB can be found at and they deliver to New Zealand.

Sun protection is very important also, the UV rays can age your skin, but I also sometimes wondered if it contributes to the breakouts I was experiencing. New Zealand’s UV rays are known to be more harsh than other places in the world, and it’s important to look after yourself. However sunscreen products tend to feel thick and sticky, which I didn’t like and therefore would not put it on. I found Biore UV aqua sunscreen through online reviews talking about their lightweight-ness of the product and upon trying it I was hooked.

Consistency of use and being more mindful of what else I was doing has changed my skin for the better. I learnt not to touch my face, no picking, no leaning on it (you don’t know what you pick up during the day on your fingers and then touch your face), cleaning my phone, changing out my pillowcases and washing brushes I was using etc. Just general cleaniness of anything that touched my face. After a while I notice my combination/oily skin became normal, my breakouts weren’t as unpredictable and my skin now requires less maintenance.

I can finally understand when some people say, have a look carefully and see what your skin needs. Now when I’ve had a break out there’s usually a reason, my diet or from contact with my face. When my skin is feeling dry to moisturise it by applying moisturising masks. I’m not as consistent with my routine now than when I was when I was trying to get rid of my acne, but my skin is a whole lot better. I also know now that when my skin plays up, I just go back to a good routine, look after my skin and cater to it’s needs.


This is my story of how I got my skin clearer, it will never be flawless and that’s ok. Everyone’s skin is different and you will have to figure it out through trial and error, though I hope this may be helpful for you on your journey in finding out what works for you.