Restarting the blog – New beginnings

Today I’ve decided to restart this blog. After being absent for the past 3 years. I started this blog initially with the intention of sharing places we explored, what we were enjoying eating and things we were making at home. Our little experiment. As life is, so much has changed, and now we’re in aContinue reading “Restarting the blog – New beginnings”

Building the Golden Gate Bridge (Metal Earth)

Metal Earth: San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Level Rating:  (Easy) Time: ~45mins – 1 hour This kit comes with one stainless steel laser cut sheet containing all the required parts for the build.  We used a long nose pliers as shown in the previous post for the 3D Apache. The hardest part was holding the road andContinue reading “Building the Golden Gate Bridge (Metal Earth)”

Building a Apache (Metal Earth Collection)

Metal Earth: AH-64 Apache Level Rating:  (Hard) Time: ~3-4 hours This kit comes with two stainless steel laser cut sheets containing all the required parts for the build.  As with other 3D models it is useful to have a pair of tweezers or long nose pliers. The manufacturers suggest the use of clippers to remove theContinue reading “Building a Apache (Metal Earth Collection)”