Skincare is so personalised.

Sometimes I find myself obsessing over what products a certain blogger or youtuber loves and lust for that product. This obsession takes over and I find myself pouring over online shopping sites scoping out what the best way of getting my hands on these items are (it is often extremely hard and expensive to obtain products due to the physical distance and isolation from the rest of the world).

At the end of the day. You need to look at your own skin and its needs, the climate you live in, your lifestyle to find what suits you best. Maintaining a good routine and consistency in taking care of yourself is the key to health and better skin.

But it doesn’t stop us wanting to try the latest and greatest right? =)

My posts are my own experiences in the hopes it will be helpful to someone out there.

There are often fads, and what’s foreign in that country makes a breakthrough. Often countries all learn from each other. I go through phases of things from America, then Asia (Korean, Japanese etc) and French. It just goes in circles.