Teppan Dining Bowz

Teppan Dining Bowz 



Little origami pieces are littered throughout the restaurant and in the dishes as decoration

5 Pah Road, Greenwoods corner, Epsom, Auckland Ph: 09-630-5413

Their website features their menu: http://j-food-service.com/bowz/


They showed us the entire piece of wagyu, so gorgeous. However the meal only includes only ~1/8 th of that piece.

On the pricer end $48-120+ for the teppanyaki dinner course.


A small sized restaurant with a delightful atmosphere, with lovely staff that spoke in Japanese making the dining experience more authentic. We enjoyed a lovely dinner there sitting by the teppanyaki hot plate, the seats around the hot plate were a little low (perhaps I’m a little short). Everything was decorated with oragami and carefully thought out.

The waitress offered to put my handbag in a nice wicker basket underneath the chair which was a nice touch since other places do not offer a place to put your belongings. This often means you put it onto a chair that may otherwise be occupied, or else you have to carry it in your lap whilst eating which would distract from the dining experience.





The food that you order is displayed beautifuly in front of you, whilst they perform and cook for you. They delicately arrange everything together to have a wonderful simple but full flavoured meal. Overall delicious and we will be going back!


Ramen Do

Ramen Do

Located in the busy Symonds St, found and rated by metro cheap eats. But even so it’s still one of those hidden gems, even the Japanese go there to eat!

They’re menu can be found here http://www.ramendo.co.nz/menu

Delicious Japanese ramen, quick and yummy.

Typical ramen price ranges from $12-15.

My Char Mayo, simple tuna and mayonnaise wrapped in rice and seaweed. (Gonna try make it at home)

Miso Shrimp Ramen

Pitan Ramen (Pork and Chicken based soup)

P.S we also found out they sell takeaway frozen packs to make your own ramen at home –> Will definitely been keen to keep some of that in the freezer for emergencies.

Lots of food adventures coming up!